Site Network Support and Guide

Tdot Studio Network Support

Member Access
If you have a Studio Pro membership we have set up your site on our network:
If you have not registered for Tdot Studio please register and upgrade to Tdot Studio Pro membership to activate the site feature.
Activations are done manually and you’ll receive an email after we create your site.

Site login
Studio Pro members please login.

Please read the following support guide. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll try to help.

Topics in this guide:

  • Site address (URL)
  • Logging in
  • Managing your site
  • Backing up your site
  • Themes and plugins
  • Max. Site and File Size
  • Resize your images
  • File Formats
  • External media
  • Support / Contact us

Site address (URL)
Your site url is based on your usernameEx. username is “mikesimpson” – site URL is “”

Logging in
Your user account has a separate username/password from our community site. You will login separately.

Managing your site
You may have a choice of default themes but we recommend using Kadence. IT is easy to edit, fast and reliable.You may or may not have the ability to turn plugins on or off depending on the administrator settings.

Backing up your site
An administrator will backup either the entire network or individual sites. You are responsible for creating backups of your site content. The best way to backup your posts and pages is to maintain your own text documents, images and media files on your computer – and to regularly export a copy. Export using

Themes and Plugins
By default we have installed two themes: WordPress Twenty Twenty One and Kadence. We have also enabled the Kadence blocks plugin which is a great tool for building your pages.

An administrator will restrict access to themes and plugins. An admin will use security, backup and maintenance plugins. If you have a special need or request with themes and plugins please contact us.

Max. Site and File Size 
Site upload space: 100 MB
Max. upload file size: 1000 KB (1 MB)

File Formats
Files allowed for upload: jpg jpeg png gif webp mov avi mpg 3gp 3g2 midi mid pdf mp3 ogg flac m4a wav mp4 m4v webm ogv flv (we currently do not permit upload of office documents such as presentations, text docs or spreadsheets)

Resize your images
In many instances it will be necessary to convert your image files for upload to your site. Resize photos to less than 2000 pixels on the longest side. Export at low or web quality. We find photos can look great at even 1000 px and 100kb in size. You can upload jpg, jpeg, png, gif and webp image formats. 

External media
Larger images hosted on Flickr and external sites can be embedded on your site. We recommend hosting videos on alternate platforms like youtube or Vimeo.

Support / Contact Us
We hope you enjoy your site! If you have a question please reach out!

If you have issues with managing your site, adding images and media, or any other topic, please contact us at [email protected]